Krieghoff – K80 ATA 100th Anniversary Edition (12 Gauge, 32″ O/U, 34″ Unsingle)



This second K80 is a very special one, Krieghoff built 25 of these specially engraved combos to commemorate the 100th Grand American and honor the ATA and all of its members.  All 25 of these were built in 1999, and this example remains in unfired brand new condition, even retaining the original receipt from when it was first sold. 

The Over/Under barrel set is 32″ and the Unsingle Adjustable Rib barrel is 34″.  The steel Americase retains all original paperwork and accessories, and even includes the business card of the salesman who sold it from Coles Fine Guns 25 years ago.  The stock is an adjustable comb and is one of the best looking stocks we have seen in a long time and has its original rubber butt pad.  

The owner is asking $23,999.00 on this  ATA 100th Anniversary K-80 Combo, and it is now in stock.  As far as we can tell, it has been a while since any of these have hit the open market, and this is possibly the only one still in unfired condition, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to find this one a new home.  Since it is one of a small group built in 1999, we don’t need to date it but the serial number is 27120 for anyone wondering.  It is currently in the glass display case in our Gun Gallery, happy to pull it out for interested parties!