Syren – Elos N2 (12 Ga, 30″)




Syren USA

Elos N2 just arrived in stock, chambered in 12 gauge with 30″ barrels, and is the perfect well rounded Sporting Clays gun for a smaller framed shooter, or for someone with a shorter length of pull.

This shotgun is built exactly like the Fabarm equivalent, but it is prepared specifically with female shooters in mind. This means it has a shorter length of pull (13.9″) and a MonteCarlo style stock with a higher comb.

From Syren:
With the new Syren Elos N2 Sporting, we set out to create the perfect sporting clays gun – the one we want to shoot. The first objective was to make the gun easy to handle and point. To reach this goal our engineers removed a considerable amount of weight out of the barrels, making the N2 one of the easiest handling target guns available today. The N2 follows the philosophy of being designed to fit Women shooters, but not all women are exactly the same. That is why we created a firearm customizable enough to fit just about everyone. To accomplish this, we incorporated the Micro-Metric 3D™ adjustable stock, adjustable trigger and interchangeable recoil pads making the Syren Elos N2 Sporting a great choice.