Fabarm – STF12 (12 Gauge, 18″)



We’ve been waiting from this offering from FABARM USA for a long time, and they finally began to import them into the states for this year. To be more exact, this STF-12 is actually made by Fabarm Professional, and is purpose built to handle some very serious usage. It feels like no other pump action shotgun we’ve ever had in stock at the store. While we only ordered these two to familiarize ourselves, we will certainly be ordering more to keep in stock. They have just hit the shelves now, and we’ll be in store til 3PM today if you would like to come see them!

The STF/12 design is based on the use of several interchangeable modules to create an integrated pump shotguns platform, perfect in all conditions to accomplish diverse missions. It allows fast changes in size, barrels, magazine capacity, ensuring safe and confident handling! STF/12 is the ultimate shotgun for operating in all scenarios: STF/12 is a great choice for serious operators who appreciate its unbeatable precision combined with stability and large magazine capacity. FABARM is the only manufacturer to have agreed to a test protocol of 1630 BAR with the National C.I.P Proof House. STF/12 firearms covered by this exclusive test (the legal C.I.P. test allows for a pressure of only 1320 BAR) are delivered with a test certificate to 1630 BAR. Our clients’ safety is our absolute priority.