Caesar Guerini – Magnus Sporting (20 Ga, 28 Ga, .410 Combo)

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This Caesar Guerini USA Magnus Sporting is a 3- barrel set combo, custom ordered from the factory with a 20 gauge barrel, 28 gauge barrel, and .410 barrel. All three barrels are 30″, with more sporting oriented shooting in mind.

This shotgun was ordered through Country Attic Treasures last year, and is now available on consignment! The combo comes with a fitted hard case from Guerini, that stores all 3 barrels and their choke tube sets.

This shotgun has seen very little use, and as a result: is in like-new condition. The owners asking price for the set is $8,500.00, and it is now available for purchase! We’ll be around until 8PM this evening if you would like to swing by and check it out.