Caesar Guerini – Essex Gold Limited 20/28 Gauge Combo

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2017 was our first year as a Caesar Guerini Elite Dealer, and we were given access to some of their extremely limited production specials, like this Essex Gold Limited.
This Essex Gold Limited was only available as a 20 Gauge or 28 Gauge, but we had a customer who was interested in ordering a combo with both barrels. Guerini was able to make it happen for us, and we delivered this stunning combo in late 2017.
This 20/28 Gauge Combo is now back in stock, and available on consignment. It remains in unfired condition, and we’d love to see someone take it out to the field and use it! It comes with its original Guerini hard case, which fits both barrel sets, as well as all original chokes and paperwork. According to Guerini, there were only 8 of these combos built.
This shotgun combo is now in stock and available for purchase. We’ll be in store until 6PM today if you’d like to swing by.