Browning/FN – Hi Power (Austrian Gendarme)

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This FN Hi Power arrived on consignment last week, and is now available. This 4 digit serial number FN Hi Power is a very early example with the internal extractor and the takedown access on the right side of the slide, it is marked “LGK-K” indicating it was an Austrian Gendarme contract Hi Power, specifically in the Carinthia region. There is a wealth of information out there on how to date these handguns, we didn’t go that deep but it looks like this Austrian police order was mostly fulfilled in the early/late 1950’s.
This Hi Power shows in great condition and appears to be all original, with the frame and slide wearing matching serial numbers as well as one of the two magazines matching the Hi Power. The other magazine also comes from an Austrian Gendarme contract Hi Power, but is marked differently indicating it came from a different region.