Browning – C725 Parallel Sporting (12 Ga, 32″)



This Browning 725 Sporting may not look noticeably different, but this is the brand new Parallel Sport.
Historically, shotgun combs have been angled, as most shotgun sports began with shooters calling for their target without their shotguns mounted. Having an angled comb allows for a better connection with the cheek when you’re mounting and tracking a target all at once.
Parallel Combs are flat, and can help shooters with a more consistent cheek placement in the American-ized disciplines of Trap and Skeet where the shooter has the shotgun pre-mounted on their shoulder before they call for the target. They are also ideal for shooters who prefer a more upright head position while mounting their shotguns.
Just like a High-Rib sporting shotgun, a parallel comb is not for everyone. It’s quite cool that Browning made a special run of these Parallel Comb 725 Sporting’s, and this 32″ example has just arrived and is available now.