Browning – Broadway (12 Ga, 30″)



This 1 of 20 Browning Custom Shop produced shotgun is quite special, and now available for purchase. It is chambered in 12 Gauge with 30″ barrels, a Browning Case in Tweed with Leather Accents, and a set of 15 Choke Tubes.

This is the Browning Broadway, and it’s story begins back in 1998 when Griffin & Howe, a historic name associated with fine gunsmithing for almost a century, entered into an arrangement to build a small series run of Private Label Shotguns.

The Broadway began life as a barreled action built by Miroku, and then was shipped to Browning’s Custom Shop in Herstal, Belgium. It was then stocked, finished, color hardened, and engraved to Griffin & Howe’s specifications.

There were 20 Examples of the Broadway built, and this example shows in tremendous condition, and is now available for purchase!