Blaser – F16 Sporting – Grade 4 (12 Ga, 30″)



We have used stock photos to place these on our website as soon as possible, if you would like to see the stocks of the examples we have in stock just shoot us an email and we will take photos!


With the lowest profile receiver on the market, you’re sure to appreciate the exceptional low center of gravity. Add to that barrel and stock balancing weights and you will experience instinctive shooting like never before.  


The Semi Round Body action makes the F16 highly dynamic. The english style forearm highlights the sleek design to perfection. Striking caucasian walnut provides fluid elegance.


See, point, shoot faster than ever due to the newly developed tapered rib, crisp trigger pull and extremely fast lock time.


Blaser inertial block system (IBS®) prevents the shotgun from double firing. Ejection ball system (EBS®) cocks the ejectors only when the shot is fired and is not under tension after ejecting the cases.


The innovative monocoque action boasts a strong surface finish while other high strength materials and state-of-the-art engineering ensures the F16 to be long lasting.


Say goodbye to forcing your gun closed to cock the ejectors. The EBS technology allows you to relax and concentrate of what’s really important – the target.