Federal – Predator Payback

Predator Payback Promotion

Predator Payback   Promotion #: R10187

Buy at least four (4) boxes of select* Federal varmint and predator centerfire rifle and rimfire ammunition to get $5.00 back per box.Qualifying centerfire rifle products limited to American Eagle Varmint & Predator, Federal Premium V-Shok, Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint & Predator, Speer TNT Green Varmint & Predator and Federal Varmint & Predator V-Max. Qualifying rimfire products limited to Federal Premium V-Shok, Federal Premium Speer TNT and Federal Premium V-Max.

Minimum purchase four (4) boxes required. Maximum rebate $100.00 (20 boxes) per person or household.

Rebate paid in U.S. funds only.

Product must be purchased between 01/01/2020 through 04/30/2020.

DEADLINE for mail in or online submission 05/30/2020

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